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Bass Pro Shops Eeoc Pre Settlement Agreement

Bass Pro Shops is a well-known retail chain that specializes in outdoor gear and equipment. However, in recent years, the company has faced several legal challenges related to discrimination and workplace issues. One such case involves a pre-settlement agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which reflects Bass Pro`s commitment to improving its employment practices.

The EEOC had filed a lawsuit against Bass Pro Shops in 2011, alleging that the retailer had engaged in a pattern of discrimination against African-American and Hispanic job applicants and employees. The lawsuit detailed allegations that Bass Pro had hired fewer minority candidates for positions at its retail stores, and that it had subjected minority employees to harassment, retaliation, and other discriminatory treatment.

After years of litigation, Bass Pro Shops and the EEOC reached a pre-settlement agreement that required the retailer to take several steps to improve its employment practices. These included:

– Hiring an EEO coordinator to oversee the company`s compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws;

– Implementing new recruiting and hiring practices designed to increase the diversity of its workforce;

– Providing regular training to managers and employees on anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies; and

– Establishing a monitoring and reporting system to track the company`s progress in meeting its commitments under the agreement.

The pre-settlement agreement also required Bass Pro to pay $10.5 million to a class of African-American and Hispanic job applicants and employees who had been affected by the alleged discrimination. The settlement amount was intended to provide compensation for lost wages and other damages.

Bass Pro Shops has acknowledged the issues raised in the EEOC lawsuit and has taken significant steps to address them. In addition to the requirements set forth in the pre-settlement agreement, the company has also established an Office of Diversity and Inclusion to promote a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture.

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