Minegglers, commonly referred to as quartzites, are bizarre, large humanoids whose body is made of crystal. The quartz lifeform that developed in spite of all the known laws governing the universe is considered the oldest intelligent race in the Galaxy. The word “Mine’ggle’r” means “The One That Was First” in their ancient language, though sometimes linguists translate this phrase as “The One Who Arrives First,” which would suggest that the Minegglers had arrived from outside of this galaxy. Representatives of the crystal race are characterized by wisdom and possess unimaginable knowledge of the cosmos, transmitted from generation to generation. They are so long-lived that most organic species consider them immortal. Perhaps this is the reason why they treat other forms of life as imperfect, temporary phenomena not worth bothering. However, when Terrons and other residents of the Central Sector reached for Hexis, the Minegglers could not sit idle in the face of such sacrilege. Hexis is sacred to them, and they have a bound with it. Hexis in their veins allows them to do many strange things, including the bending of time and space. Quartzites from different clans lead endless debates on how to protect the crystals of power, but it is certain that they will not allow them to be exploited, even if it means they will have to use deadly force to stop the mining works. Meanwhile, the younger generation sees in alien cultures and technologies a chance to improve the somewhat fossilized Mineggler race. Younger Minegglers are more eager to interact with the new races, trying to share knowledge and teach them, counting on a peaceful solution to the crisis. This is not accepted by the clan leaders, and such actions often lead to exile. Quartzites are a honorable race for which a given word has the highest value, and a broken promise is considered the worst offense. Any harm done to them will be remembered forever. If somebody is foolish enough to deceive a quartzite, he must be assured that sooner or later he will get a well-earned punishment, as time is an unlimited resource for the Minegglers.
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