Hexy Studio

Hexy Studio is a group of enthusiasts with extensive experience in various fields of creative work – programming, creating applications, websites, graphics and advertising videos. We are the best at what we do, and one common interest we all share is the love for games! Board games, wargames, card games and computer games are our life’s passion.

Experience and intuition

Thanks to a team of passionate and dedicated people, we are able to create first class products. Our team combines experience and the energy flowing from their open minds, ready for new solutions.

Graphics and 3D modeling

We have a team of graphic designers and modelers presenting world-class skills. Our models and images are beautiful, full of detail, and have a load of positive energy.

Our projects

We are an experienced team ready to expand our horizons. We are constantly developing new games and applications. We create worlds and universes. We create with passion. We create for you.

Open to cooperation:

United we stand, divided we fall. We have extensive experience in supporting projects by other friendly creators and companies. We help create advertising campaigns and promotional videos. We provide holistic support for undertakings such as crowdfunding campaigns or promotional actions. We are open to all forms of cooperation, with both event organizers and game developers of all kinds. Do you need help? We are here to share our passion and energy with you.
Hexy Studio