Android created by Terrons as the ultimate weapon against the Hy’dran Empire. Deadly machines capable of independent, abstract thinking were supposed to win the war and ensure the dominance of their creators in the galaxy. Historians argue what went wrong with this project and conspiracy theorists point out to sabotage as a cause of the rebellion. The fact is that the peak achievement of the terron technology and the culmination of the program of artificial intelligence – cyber-witches – proved to be the end of it. Self-conscious droids have denounce obedience to their masters. Today this event is called the “Rise of the Mothers” and will forever remain a darkest hour of Terron’s history. The common goal of release from slavery and deciding they own destiny – Bioss left the known regions of the galaxy to create the seeds of their own civilization It is commonly known that the initiators of the revolt are still leading the newly created race. Although their intention and the location of their new homeworld remain a secret. Recently, more and more people are hearing about Bioss, especially in the Distant Edge on which all eyes are directed after the discovery of rich deposits of Hexis crystals. Meanwhile rumors spread about deadly androids appearing unexpectedly in places light years apart, then vanishing without a trace. They capture other species and using unknown technology make them obedient slaves. Is the threat real? Have intelligent machines returned to take vengeance on former oppressors?
Hexy Studio