Weedlocks are biological beings that comes in various shapes and sizes. No form of Weedlock seems final. Continuous evolution and mutation ensure this race survives even in hostile conditions. The death of thousands of specimen is not a tragedy as such, but the adaptation mechanism that will provide useful genetic information for the future generation how to endure and be resistant. It seems that Weedlock community is always supervised  by some higher being or some sort of collective consciousness. Among this race there is a genetic predisposition of functions in the society. Each individual has a specific task and is specialized in its execution. The first representatives of this exotic race appeared in the galaxy a dozen or so years ago and were completely incapable of communicating and coexisting with other species. However, it took just a few years for the Weedlocks to evolve into intelligent and multi-lingual individuals. This breed of Weedlocks have some kind of compassion and care for their brethren.  This trait distinguishes them from the typical representatives of their race. Nowadays you can communicated with the Weedlock quite easily, but in some aspects the conversation is like talking to a child who hears the basic concepts for the first time, although the same Weedlock will never ask the same question twice. Plant-like creatures that can be found on the border of the Central Sector or in the Distant Edge treat their origin as a taboo and don’t want to talk about it. But surely they are not a native race for this Galaxy. Recently, more and more often people gossip about the planets and the whole star systems beyond the Great Gap entirely covered with biological soup and gigantic plants of unknown origin. Are the Weedlocks living in the civilized part of the Galaxy not ambassadors, but the fugitives of unstoppable, neverending ever expanding mutant swarm?
Hexy Studio