Cave-in – board game

Wealth and Glory awaits you!

Cave-in is a game for 2 up to 4 players, where you play the role of Trade Guild representatives who compete in difficult and merciless task of mining valuable crystals.


In the far future countless alien species explore the Galaxy in search of fortune and fame. Last interstellar war ended over fifty years ago and since then peace treaties are in power. Trade routes are set, civilizations flourish and new source of power is discovered – Xendryd crystals. On the moon Corund of planet Cyrkon Prime, space nations arrive to influence history once again…

Let your space adventure begin

The goal of the game is to get as many victory points as possible before the mine collapses! To overcome your competition you will have to recruit mercenaries, use their skills to achieve your objectives, and collect precious artifacts. However, you’ll have to keep looking over your shoulder! Your fellow Guild members are only waiting for a chance to buy your trusted men off and steal the bounty from under your nose!

Unique “Discard building” mechanics

Star Scrappers: Cave-in introduces unique mechanics called “discard building”. With every action players put mercenaries into their discard pile. The order of the discarded cards matters, because your top card is your Leader and gives you a special action at the beginning of your next turn. Beware, if your discard grows too large it will draw attention of other players who will not hesitate to steal it from you – they’re just bribing your own men!


Cave-in introduces 4 exceptional races


Terrons are descendant of humans that came to this galaxy long time ago. During a thousand years, united in Interstellar Terron Federation they have colonised many corners of the stars. At the base of they success lies ambition. Ambition that know no bounds. This terron trait drives them ever forward, to conquer new territories, to discover the unknown, to move frontier of Federation on step ahead.


Metanels are strange machines endowed with artificial intelligence who true origin is still a mystery. Metanels themselves claim that they come from the Hunter’s House, but the maps of the known Galaxy do not show anything of a similar name. This peaceful, mechanical race wanders through the space in search of the traces of mythical creators who have made them in their own image and then gone into the stars.


The Hy’dran Empire is spreading over a large area of the known galaxy. Dozens of legions called Shoals, under the leadership of the all-powerful Primus warlords, are constantly fighting for influence and power. The Hy’dran Empire has been ruled by the iron tentacles of the oppressive Archprimus, which unite his minions by the support of the most powerful legions and the mysterious church of the Deep Abyss.


Bizarre, large humanoids whose body is made up of crystals. The quartz form of life that developed in spite of all the known laws governing the universe is considered the oldest intelligent race in this part of the Universe. Representatives of the crystal race are characterized by wisdom and have unimaginable knowledge of the cosmos transmitted from generation to generation. They are long-lived on such a scale that they are considered immortal for most organic species.


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