The Hy’dran Empire is spreading over a large area in the known Galaxy. It extends from the Distant Edge, through the Right Arm, to the worlds of the Central Sector. The Hy’dran society is a caste society. Dozens of legions called Shoals, under the leadership of all-powerful Primus warlords, are constantly fighting for influence and power. Each Shoal has millions of subordinates, ready to execute the orders of their sovereigns. Nevertheless, for thousands of years the Hy’dran Empire has been ruled by the iron tentacles of the oppressive Archprimus, uniting his minions by the power of the legions and the mysterious Church of the Deep Abyss. In this type of society there is no place for the weak, and there is no compassion for the disobedient. Until the arrival of the Terrons, Hy’dran power was unquestioned, and the inhabitants of the worlds of the Union in the Central Sector lived in fear of the terrible Hy’dran war machine ready to put its tentacles over these rich planetary systems. After two unresolved interstellar wars against the Terron Federation, with the mediation of the Union, Hy’drans had to accept peace treaties that had been forced upon them. They are in power for more than fifty years now, but what will happen when another ambitious ruler emerges with a plan to conquer the stars once again?
Hexy Studio